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Human Trafficking: Tips to Identify Potential Victims

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery in which traffickers use force, fraud or coercion to get victims to provide labor or services against his or her will. It is a crime that happens around the world, in both large cities and small towns.

While the true size of this problem is immeasurable, the International Labor Organization estimates there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally, including 5.5 million children.

Tips on How to Identify Potential Human Trafficking Victims

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery with victims providing labor or services through force, fraud or coercion. This crime is happening everywhere, from large cities to small towns around the world.

The true size of this problem is immeasurable, but the Northern Tier Anti-Trafficking Consortium (NTAC) estimates that 800,000 individuals are trafficked across international borders every year and 27 million people are enslaved across the world.

Sexual Predators: From the Playground to Cyberspace

By Michael Pittaro, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice at American Public University

 “Technology has provided an efficient and more effective means to commit the ‘old’ crimes; however, the extent of their impact on our day-to-day life is much more profound and much more intrusive. In less than a decade, the full spectrum of immortality and criminality that covered the real-world transferred to the virtual world.”    Excerpt from Crimes of the Internet

Sex offenders, particularly those who prey upon children and adolescents, are among the most feared criminals in society because they are masters in the art of manipulation and deception.