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Improve Your Facility by Changing Your Leadership Style

One might assume the greatest sources of stress for corrections officers are the threat of physical violence and hardships from working in an understaffed environment, right? As it turns out, those things are not causing officers the most stress. Instead, it is issues with prison administration and inconsistent leadership practices. AMU professor Michael Pittaro writes how prison administrators need to move away from punitive and authoritative styles of leadership and adopt a transformational leadership approach. Read how this style of leadership could help boost morale, improve job satisfaction, and even improve workplace safety. 

Three Ways Corrections Prepares you for a Career in Law Enforcement

By Leischen Stelter

Working in corrections is a tough job where an officer’s safety often depends on his or her ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate heightened situational awareness.

“If I had never worked in corrections and had never been in an environment dealing with dangerous prisoners, I would not have learned how to pay such close attention to my surroundings,” said Scott Roberts, who worked in corrections for four years before making the switch to his current career as a sworn police officer.

Why Partnering with the Department of Corrections is Vital to Public Safety

By Leischen Stelter Probation officers and correctional officers have a lot to offer law enforcement, he says, namely intelligence and information. Often times, corrections officers gather information from inmates who are suspected to be involved in gang activities or other potentially dangerous affiliations like sovereign citizen groups and white supremacists. It’s important for these officers to share this information with police, since the issues that happen inside an institution will eventually flow out onto the streets.