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RoboCop: Wearable Technology for Policing

Computing is rapidly advancing with wearable technologies that can be adapted for law enforcement application. Many departments have already started experimenting with adaptable versions of Google Glass, smart clothes, Apple Watch, and body-worn cameras. Which wearable technologies could most benefit law enforcement?

Is Decriminalizing Disorderly Behavior Good for Society?

By Vincent Giordano, program director, criminal justice at American Public University

In the past decade there has been a growing argument made within the criminal justice community that society should move toward decriminalizing so-called “victimless crimes.” Wilson and Kelling (as cited in Cole & Gertz, 2012) argue that the move to decriminalize behavior that is often viewed as not harming anyone would actually be greatly detrimental to a community.

Marxism is Alive and Well in our Prison System

By Dr. Vincent Giordano, Program Director, Criminal Justice at American Public University

One theory of criminology that receives little attention in today’s criminal justice field is the theory of Marxist criminology. The general view today seems to be that after the collapse of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe, Marxist criminology has little value in our current criminal justice field.