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Making the Move from Uniform to Podium

AMU Intelligence Studies professor Beth Subero writes about her experience transitioning into academia after a 21-career in the military. Her experience as an Air Force Intelligence Officer provided her the ability to continue her own education as well as pursue opportunities to teach others. If you’re someone who may someday want to make the transition from the military to a profession in higher education, Professor Subero offers several tips that might help you in your journey.

Learn to Communicate Skills for Career Success

Whether you are retiring from the military, transitioning from the classroom, or simply looking to move into the public service field, identifying and communicating your military service and other skills to potential employers is essential. However, translating your skills can be a daunting task. While you may possess the necessary experience, not properly communicating what you have to offer can be detrimental to your job search. Here are some tips and advice on how to communicate your skills to employers.

Looking to Change Careers?

Changing careers is not an easy process for anyone. However, it’s something that many professionals—especially those in the military and public safety sectors—will go through at some point in their working life. Read first-hand accounts from public safety professionals about their experience making major career changes and their advice to others who want to transition to a new career. 

Interview Tips for Police Officers Transitioning to the Private Sector

By Tim Hardiman Many police officers are able to retire from their police careers long before they are ready to never work again. They are interested in the financial benefits of collecting a pension along with a regular paycheck to truly experience financial independence. Many retiring officers choose to transition into the private sector, but making this transition can be challenging.