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Podcast: Emergency Management Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this podcast, Dr. Kevin Kupietz talks about being deployed to evacuate cruise ships as a member of the National Disaster Medical System. Learn how the COVID-19 outbreak has forced emergency managers to be adaptable, flexible and creative; the importance of all-hazards training; the value of diversity among emergency management professionals; and the need for more volunteers during this uncertain time.

For National Preparedness Month, I Actually Got Prepared

By Leischen Stelter As many of you probably know, FEMA has designated September as National Preparedness Month. It’s the time when the government asks citizens to prepare themselves for an emergency. I often run scenarios through my head about what I would do if I had to evacuate right now. What would I take with me? I’ve run the list through my mind, but one night last week it occurred to me that I would likely not have time (or a clear mind) to actually put together what I would need if I had to evacuate. So, I did it, I put together an emergency bag. Read more about what it took to get me to actually do it.