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Budget Cuts Threaten EMS and Emergency Management Agencies

In the wake of the 2008 great recession, budgets and financial concerns have been at the forefront of policy making throughout the United States. Perhaps one of the most frustrating elements about working in emergency management and emergency medical services (EMS) are the constant threat of budget cuts. Citizens are also impacted by such budget cuts and many communities are facing cuts to their 9-1-1 emergency system. Read more from AMU professor Allison Knox about budget cuts and the impacts it has on public safety and emergency response.

Why Do Agencies Have Reserve Officers?

In the United States, there are more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies with less than 100 sworn personnel. In order to balance community needs with fiscal constraints, many departments have turned to reserve or part-time officers to complement full-time sworn personnel. However, when something like the incident in Tulsa, Oklahoma happens—a reserve deputy sheriff fatally shot an unarmed man—it is important to consider who these reserve officers are.

Public Safety Concerns: How to be Prepared for Budget Cuts

By Allison G. S. Knox, M.A., EMT-B; Faculty, American Military University

Since the 2008 bail out, Americans and members of the government, respectively, have been increasingly concerned about the health of the American economy. Slowly, Americans have watched companies downsize, witnessed job shortages throughout the country, and, in some places, seen their taxes increase.