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Correctional Agencies’ Response to Drone Intrusions

By Anthony Galante and Jeremy Nikolow

Drones are very effective at delivering contraband into correctional facilities. They can be flown into tight spaces and can drop packages with extreme precision. These characteristics have caused drones to become a substantial threat to prison security. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to the problem of drone intrusions within correctional facilities.

Court Ruling Restricts Police Use of TASERS

By Christopher L. McFarlin

Law enforcement's use of electronic control devices (ECDs) such as TASERs continues to garner public accusations of excessive and unnecessary use. A recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which applies to five states, may further muddy the law on ECD use as well as the qualified immunity of police officers. How could this ruling impact your agency's policy on ECD use?