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Organized Crime’s Involvement in Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking

By Dena Weiss, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

Organized crime plays a significant role in human trafficking in countries worldwide. Often beginning as a voluntary action, human trafficking quickly turns into the recruitment, transport, and control of an individual. The criminal act not only involves trafficking an individual, but also the demand for exorbitant fees to transport a person and create fraudulent passport documents.

Sequestration and the impacts on law enforcement, firefighters and emergency services

The countdown towards sequestration continues. Most Americans, in all walks of life, are tired of hearing about this impending March 1 deadline, but alas, the impacts of these cuts could have significant impacts on those in public safety positions.

First off, here’s a quick review of sequestration, per CNN:

Sequestration is a series of automatic, across-the-board cuts to government agencies totalling $1.2

The Increasing Threat of the Mexican Drug Cartel in the United States

By James Deater Recently there have been horrific events unfolding in small towns throughout the United States, where the loss of life has been unimaginable. As we continue to fight terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, utilizing our intelligence agencies and U.S. military to their fullest extent, there is a time-bomb ticking in our own backyard. Read more about the impacts of Mexican drug cartels and why, as a country, we need to recognize this is an imminent threat and do more to motivate and educate policy makers to respond.

What Law Enforcement Officers Need to Know About Immigration Laws

By Leischen Stelter As a law enforcement officer, you pull over a man for speeding. He speaks no English. He hands you a Mexican passport. What do you do? What legal steps and obligations do you have when it comes to this man’s immigration status? What agency do you call? What resources do you have at your disposal? Here are some tips from a former ICE attorney about what police should know about immigration laws.