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Littleton Shooting Highlights Need for Pre-Trauma Training for First Responders

By Yael Shuman

When first responders are confronted with scenarios as horrific as the Littleton school shooting, it's inevitable that many will be left with deep psychological wounds. Since it is unlikely that Littleton will be the last such incident, it is essential that agencies conduct pre-trauma training to help responders recover faster and more fully after a worst-case scenario.

How an Improperly Installed Car Seat Almost Cost a First Responder Her Child’s Life

By Michele Ice

A first responder was driving with her daughter when they were hit by a van that ran a stop sign. A car seat check, just two weeks before the crash, likely saved 10-month-old Brooke's life. Find out more about why it's so important for everybody, even first responders, to have a certified technician ensure their child's car seat is properly installed.