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Intelligence Led Policing: Preferred Policing Model in the War Against Terrorism

By Dr. Michael L. Beshears

Police officers are charged with helping in the fight against terrorism while simultaneously safeguarding the constitutional rights of those they have sworn to protect and serve. Scholars and police departments are now faced with determining the best way to handle these new homeland security responsibilities. Here are two potential policing models.

Should Police View Body Worn Cameras Before Writing a Report?

By Michael Kashiktchian

There are currently differing perspectives on the use of body worn cameras. One of the most controversial aspects of body worn cameras is the question of whether to allow line-level officers to view their recorded video prior to writing a police report. What are the pros and cons of allowing officers to review footage from body worn cameras?

A Year in Review: The Greatest Challenges Facing Law Enforcement

To address some of the most important developments in law enforcement, In Public Safety has created an online magazine. The majority of these articles are written by AMU faculty members, who are both academics and practitioners. Their real-world experience, when combined with academic rigor, allows them to provide invaluable insight about what’s happening in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.