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Technology Makes Agencies Efficient, Keeps Officers and Inmates Safer

By Leischen Stelter

Technology can improve officer and inmate safety and make correctional facilities more efficient, yet many facilities still rely on paper records and manual systems. AMU criminal justice faculty member Ron Wallace discusses the challenges of integrating technology like automated offender systems and inmate tracking systems into correctional facilities.

Cutting Compensation: Effects of Budget Cuts on Public Servants

By Mason Pooler

In an attempt to reduce Wisconsin’s budget deficit, the governor passed Act 10, the Budget Repair Bill. This bill affected many areas of government employment, but most notably reduced funding for pension contributions and health insurance. While the state can point to measurable savings because of these budget cuts, what will be the cost to the government?

Developing a Modernized Reserve Unit: Civil Liability Considerations

By Christopher L. McFarlin, J.D., Criminal Justice
Police agencies must consider the potential liability of having reserve officers who are undertrained, insufficiently equipped, or poorly screened. Some police agencies create a substantial contrast between their reserve officers and their full-time officers. It is essential for administrators to understand that the courts do not make this distinction when assessing liability. With no effective distinction in the views of the law or the public, agencies must hold their reserves to the same level of scrutiny as regular officers when hiring, terminating, training, and developing them.

Obama Addresses Police Funding, Gun Control Laws, and Need for Reform at IACP

President Obama delivered a nearly hour-long address during the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) annual conference in an effort to gain support from law enforcement for his efforts to reform the criminal justice system and implement stricter gun-control laws. To build support from this skeptical audience, Obama delivered a speech that addressed many of the challenges police face and offered measures such as increasing budgets so agencies can hire more officers to focus on enhancing community relationships. Learn more about what Obama proposed to help police agencies across the nation. 

Are Victims of Domestic Violence Getting the Services They Need? Annual Survey Sheds Light

Victims of domestic violence often rely on non-profit and government-funded agencies to help them get out of violent relationships. When those services are not available, victims are likely to remain in their abusive situations and may not seek assistance again. What does an annual survey of domestic violence providers say about the level of service available to victims?