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Six Ways to Avoid Discipline: A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide

By Vicky A. Bufano

The actions of law enforcement officers will always be scrutinized—that's just part of the job. Here are six ways that officers can avoid disciplinary action and ensure their actions align with the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: What Employers Should Know

By Vicky A. Bufano

What should employers do when an employee legally obtains a medical marijuana permit or is in a state where the recreational use of this drug is allowed? Learn more about the ongoing and ever-evolving issue.

Racial Profiling Versus Criminal Profiling: Is There a Difference?

By Vicky A. Bufano

Criminal profiling can be an effective tool for identifying suspects of a crime, but it must be differentiated from racial profiling, which is both illegal and unconstitutional. Learn more about the crucial distinction and the harm caused by race-based profiling.