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The Value of Suffering: Lessons from a Plague

By Scot DuFour

The coronavirus outbreak is causing global suffering. But could struggling actually be beneficial? Read about one philosopher's belief that humans are meant to struggle, that some people actually thrive on it, and suffering often brings out the best in people.

Why Stoicism and Police Work Are Incompatible

By Scot DuFour

Some police officers embrace stoicism, but many of these principles directly undermine and clash with the criminal justice system. Learn more about the philosophies of stoicism including why believing in determinism over free will is problematic for officers.

Overcoming Selective Observation and Faulty Reasoning in Policing

By Scot DuFour

Everyone has unconscious biases, but police officers must work particularly hard to not let theirs interfere with their work. Find out how officers can learn to recognize their cognitive biases like selective observation to ensure they act justly and ethically.

Six Ways Officers Can Respond More Effectively to DV Incidents

By Scot DuFour

With true patience and diligence, officers can do more than they think to help domestic violence victims. Officers should follow these six tips to help prosecutors build strong cases against perpetrators, even when victims are too afraid to take action themselves.