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Solving the Law Enforcement Retention and Recruitment Problems

By Dr. Nicole Cain

Officers are quitting and few people are applying to take their place. While it's not a new phenomenon, it is exacerbated by the current climate. Learn the reasons behind staffing shortages in law enforcement agencies and what actions leaders can take to improve recruitment.

Lessons from Chicago’s Recent Increase in Violent Crime

By Dr. Nicole Cain

Chicago has seen a dramatic upsurge in violent crime and growing community distrust of city leadership and law enforcement. Learn why the agency created the Community Safety Team, but experienced backlash after an incident where officers weren't equipped with body cameras.

Politicizing Policing Will Not Foster Safer Communities

By Nicole Cain

While law enforcement must evolve and adapt to societal shifts and federally mandated guidelines, ultimately policing is a local issue. Learn why it's so important that agencies embrace a community-oriented policing (COP) philosophy throughout the entire organization.

A Profession in Crisis: Proactively Recruiting in Schools and Minority Communities

By Nicole Cain

Proactive recruiting is necessary in the current environment of the policing profession. Law enforcement agencies must transform and expand their recruitment strategies to attract desirable candidates from all backgrounds.

A Profession in Crisis: Addressing Recruitment and Hiring Practices in Law Enforcement

By Nicole Cain

Hiring and retaining officers continues to be one of the greatest challenges for law enforcement agencies. Learn how leaders can use proactive hiring practices, including creating a hiring unit, to boost the number of new recruits.