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How the Fire Service Has Progressed Over My 27-Year Career

By Michele Ice

From equipment to cancer awareness, the fire service is constantly evolving and improving. As one firefighter transitions into retirement, she reflects on the earliest days of her career and how she's seen the fire service progress.

How an Improperly Installed Car Seat Almost Cost a First Responder Her Child’s Life

By Michele Ice

A first responder was driving with her daughter when they were hit by a van that ran a stop sign. A car seat check, just two weeks before the crash, likely saved 10-month-old Brooke's life. Find out more about why it's so important for everybody, even first responders, to have a certified technician ensure their child's car seat is properly installed.

Why Responders Should Join a State Incident Management Team

By Michele Ice

When southwest Georgia was devastated by Hurricane Michael, local responders were overwhelmed so the Georgia Incident Management Response Team stepped in to help out. Learn about one firefighter's experience during the response and why she encourages all first responders to volunteer.