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Back 2 Basics: When Must Police Give Miranda Warnings?

By Christopher L. McFarlin

In what situations must police issue Miranda warnings? Our new series, Back 2 Basics, includes two questions to help police determine if they've created a situation in which they must read Miranda advisements.

Are you Cynical? You’re Not Alone. Four Tips to Keep Cynicism at Bay

By Ed Kelley

Officers are lied to constantly and witness a lot of the bad in the world, so it's no wonder so many are cynical. Here are four ways officers can prevent cynicism so they're emotionally healthy, have strong personal relationships, and maintain a more positive and balanced outlook on life.

Helping First Responders Recover After Las Vegas Shooting

By Jinnie Chua

A scene as horrific as the Las Vegas shooting can have a serious mental health impact on even the most experienced first responders. As the country struggles to make sense of the massacre and the wounded continue to recover, agencies must make sure the needs of those who responded are not overlooked.

Customized Care Can Help First Responders in the Aftermath of Trauma

By Liz Talago

First responders regularly deal with tragedy and trauma, which can take a toll on their mental health. If it's time to seek treatment, here's why it's so important for first responders to receive customized and specialized care by trauma-informed clinicians.

Fasten Seatbelts: The Fight Against Human Trafficking is Taking Off

By Leischen Stelter

Air travel is a surprisingly common way for human traffickers to transport victims. Learn about the federal government's new initiative to train aviation personnel to identify and report trafficking. Is the government covering all its bases when it comes to monitoring the transportation networks of traffickers or can more be done?

Preparing for Disaster Requires Cross-Agency Collaboration

By Faylin Mutch

As many local governments face budget cuts, it can be challenging to maintain strong working partnerships. Learn how this county enhanced its collaboration, preparedness, and partnerships during a federally funded FEMA-driven, county-wide emergency management exercise.

Florida Police Agency Uses Drones to Assess Hurricane Damage

By Anthony Galante

As Hurricane Irma approached the Florida coast, this police agency deployed drones to document current conditions. After Irma made landfall, the agency sent drones out again to assess storm damage and provide information about what areas were hit the worst. Learn more about their UAS program.