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The Challenges Law Enforcement Faces to Prevent Human Trafficking

Human trafficking and sex slavery deny freedom to 24.9 million people around the world. Listen to a new podcast with AMU’s Dr. Michael Pittaro about what law enforcement is doing to combat human trafficking, the challenges agencies face, and what more can be done to reduce trafficking both domestically and internationally.

2018 Saw Firefighters Battling Wildfires, But Continued Need for Self-Care and Recovery Strategies

By Leischen Stelter

We take a look back at the fire articles that resonated most with our readers over the past year. Here are In Public Safety's most popular 2018 articles, including firsthand accounts of fighting the California wildfires and handling stress and trauma.

Don’t Let Another Year Pass Without Addressing Officer Stress and Trauma

By Leischen Stelter

As a new year approaches, we review the topics that have been most relevant to our law enforcement readers over the past year. Here are In Public Safety's most popular articles on officer stress and trauma to help pave the way to a healthy start to 2019.

What to Know When Applying for a Job in Law Enforcement

In this short video, AMU's Dr. Chuck Russo shares insight as a former background investigator about the top three things agencies look for when hiring an officer, the most common mistakes applicants make, and how they can prepare for the in-person interview.

The Role of Women in Intelligence

Women have played a variety of roles in the intelligence field, and are continuing to prove their worth in the field today. In this short video, AMU graduate Crystal Walker discusses her research on the evolving role of women in intelligence.

How Officers Can Make Healthier Food Choices on the Go

By Matthew Loux

Officers work irregular schedules and often spend long hours sitting in patrol cars, which makes it challenging to eat healthy. Here are some food supplements and meal-planning strategies to help officers eat more nutritious and well-balanced meals.

Responding to the Thomas Fire: Managing Difficult Decisions

By Leischen Stelter

AMU graduate Captain Peter Jensen was one of the first operational command staff to arrive at the Thomas Fire. As a 29-year veteran firefighter, he has never seen a fire leapfrog over mountain tops and spread so quickly. Read more about his role battling the largest wildfire in California history.