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Coronavirus Outbreaks, Overcrowding Leads to Rise in Prisoner Unrest

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in prison riots in the U.S. and throughout the Americas. Learn how overcrowding and limited resources to reduce the spread of COVID-19 has led to prison uprisings.

Gangs Have Set Their Sights on Human Trafficking Victims

Gangs recognize the profitability of sex trafficking because, unlike drugs or guns that only account for one sale, sex trafficking victims can be sold multiple times. Learn how to identify potential victims.

Podcast: Challenges of Prosecuting Human Trafficking Cases in Florida

Broward County, Florida has taken proactive measures to stop human trafficking, however, there remains major challenges in prosecuting cases. Learn about efforts to change state legislation and educate officers about what human trafficking really looks like.

Property Title Theft: Rare but Rising during COVID-19

By Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

Property title theft, when someone fraudulently obtains the title of a home or property through identity theft, is on the rise. Here's what law enforcement and homeowners need to know about this type of cybercrime.

Operation Legend Helps to Reduce Violent Crime in the US

By Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

Murder rates and gun violence have risen during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn about Operation Legend, which increases coordination between local and federal law enforcement efforts.

Terrorism Remains a Threat During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

During the COVID-19 pandemic people are spending more time online, which gives terrorists greater opportunities to recruit sympathizers and potential lone wolves. Learn more about increasing terrorism threats during coronavirus.

Florida Governor Introduces New Anti-Riot Legislation

By Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

Florida, like many states, has seen violence and unrest as the result of protests and riots. Learn about the details of proposed anti-rioting legislation aimed to punish looters.