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AMU Criminal Justice Student Creates Documentary to Change Police Empathy

By Melanie Conner

Charm City, a documentary exploring deteriorating relations between citizens and police in Baltimore, recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2018. Learn what inspired an American Military University criminal justice student to get involved in the film's creation.

Political Bias Ruins Intelligence: Four Operational Steps to Mitigate it

By Erik Kleinsmith

When political bias leaks into the business of intelligence, it can be damaging to the quality of work produced. Intelligence analysts should follow these four steps to identify and minimize bias.

Community Service Provides Many Personal and Professional Benefits

By Dr. Michael Pittaro

Are you interested in getting involved with community service? Volunteering has many personal and professional rewards, but more importantly and if approached with some thought, can make a true impact in the lives of others. 

North Carolina Community Corrections Implements Sweeping Domestic Violence Training

By Leischen Stelter

Probation and parole officers are in a unique position to identify domestic violence, but not if they don't have relevant training. With this in mind, North Carolina Department of Public Safety partnered with American Military University to create the most up-to-date training for its officers and staff.

How Servicemembers Can Leverage Their Military Experience Towards a Policing Career

By Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

Military experience is a great advantage for servicemembers seeking a second career on the police force. There are several ways military members can prepare to put themselves in the best position for the transition.

Ending the Cycle of Recidivism: Rehabilitating Non-Violent Drug Offenders

By Jinnie Chua

Incarceration is the criminal justice system's sweeping response to drug offenses, but is it justified or sustainable? Find out how structured rehabilitation programs for non-violent drug offenders can do more to prevent reoffending.

Why Firefighters Need to Practice Self-Care Before Caring for Others

By Brad Bouchillon

Firefighters help, protect and save others, but can often neglect their own needs along the way. Find out the importance of self-care and how firefighters can ensure they are taking care of themselves before others.