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How Yoga and Meditation Sharpened My Firearms Aim

By Wendy Hummell

For both new and veteran officers, it can be normal to dread mandatory firearms qualifications. Learn how one veteran officer used yoga and meditation to overcome her nerves on the range.

Consequences of the Military Failing to Submit Fingerprints of Convicted Servicemembers

By Dr. Dena Weiss

Despite streamlining of automated fingerprint systems, many military branches are failing to submit data of convicted servicemembers to the federal government. Learn more about the problem and the consequences to public safety.

How Infants Are Falling Victim to the Opioid Crisis

Babies born to opioid-dependent mothers often battle withdrawal symptoms and medical complications. The opioid crisis isn't slowing down and lawmakers must consider how to protect these most vulnerable victims.

Disrupting Gangs with a Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence (CIRGV)

By Pat Welsh

In Ohio, a local community initiative to reduce gun violence (CIRGV) has seen law enforcement, social services, and the community come together. Learn how CIRGV began and how it has greatly reduced gang-related homicides.

What is the Value of a Firefighter?

The value of firefighters is in many ways immeasurable, but do they deserve more compensation than they are getting? Beyond their life-saving duties, firefighters demonstrate their worth by being key figures in communities.

Differences Between a Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Degree

There is some overlap between a criminal justice and homeland security degree, so how can a student pick the right one? Here are some resources to help students find the right degree program for their career aspirations.

Addressing Corruption in Corrections

Watch this short video to learn about the prevalence of corruption in corrections and how to spot employees who are most susceptible.