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Rebuilding Officer Resiliency: Free Online Treatment Guide

While it can seem daunting, seeking professional help is a crucial step towards recovering from stress and trauma. Download this free eMagazine to better understand what first responders can expect from treatment.

The Importance of Soft Skills for Criminal Justice Professionals

By Dr. Michael Pittaro

Soft skills, such as interpersonal communication skills, are central to the work of officers, yet they are so often overlooked. Learn why all criminal justice professionals should consider how soft skills can be honed and applied on the job.

Changing Offender Thinking and Behavior Through the Cognitive Community Model

By Dudley Bush and Jessica Lee

The Cognitive Community Model is a reentry program that has had great success at the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC). Learn more about the program where offenders live together in a structured and supportive community environment.

3D-Printed Guns: Regulations and Legal Implications

By Vicky A. Bufano

National controversy arose over whether designs for 3D-printed guns should be made available online, highlighting the need for clear, effective gun laws. Learn more about the issue and why uniform regulation needs to be prioritized.

Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in Corrections

In this video, American Military University's Dr. Michael Pittaro explains why transformational leadership and emotional intelligence go hand in hand in the field of corrections.

How Cardiovascular Check-Ups Save Firefighter Lives

By Michele Ice

When firefighters from the Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services lost one of their own to cardiac arrest, they took steps to ensure it wouldn't happen again. Learn how check-ups, heart scans and prioritizing fitness have made all the difference.

Resources for Local Law Enforcement to Fight Domestic Terrorism

By Dr. Jarrod Sadulski

There are numerous information-sharing resources designed to help local law enforcement combat terrorism. Learn more about the available resources that officers should be integrating in their anti-terrorism efforts.