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How Trauma Causes Alternate Neural Pathways in the Brain

By Dr. Michael Genovese

Traumatic experiences can alter pathways in the brain, causing symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Learn more about how trauma affects an individual's experience of the world and the importance of repairing damaged neural pathways.

Can We Stop Publicizing Terrorists Without Regulating Content?

By Dr. Keith Ludwick

An increasing number of terrorists are turning to social media to spread their ideology and even live-stream their attacks. Technology companies and governments must consider the role they play in regulating such content. 

Examining the Breakdown of Trust in Military and First Responders

By Andrew Bell

Citizen support for the military and first responders is essential for maintaining public safety, but there is growing distrust in those who are sworn to protect us. Learn about what is contributing to the breakdown of trust and what can be done to rebuild it.

“Us Versus Them” in Policing: What Causes Warrior Cops?

By Scot DuFour

Warrior cops, with their ""us vs. them"" mindset and increased likelihood to use force, have multiplied amongst police ranks. But is their training to blame? To change their behavior, law enforcement leaders must instead focus on changing officers' misguided ideas about what it means to be a cop.

WSIN Offers Agencies Assistance on Human Trafficking Cases

By Jinnie Chua

The Western States Information Network (WSIN) offers agencies a multitude of products and services to assist human trafficking investigations. Find out more about how it provides crucial support and how agencies can join WSIN for free.

Combating Recidivism in 2018 and Other Ongoing Challenges in Corrections

By Jinnie Chua

Over the past year, corrections saw an increased focus on reducing recidivism. Here are In Public Safety's top articles on the topic and more of our most popular 2018 articles, including radicalization in prisons and managing officer stress.

Rebuilding Officer Resiliency: Free Online Treatment Guide

While it can seem daunting, seeking professional help is a crucial step towards recovering from stress and trauma. Download this free eMagazine to better understand what first responders can expect from treatment.