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How Was Rebekah Gould Killed? Analysis of the Murder Weapon and Crime Scene

By Jennifer Bucholtz

Perhaps the most speculated question in Rebekah Gould's unsolved murder is about the murder weapon. Did the killer use a piano leg that was missing from the crime scene and if so, what does that say about his or her relationship with Rebekah?

Uncovering New Facts in the Cold Case Murder of Rebekah Gould

By Jennifer Bucholtz

22-year-old college student Rebekah Gould was killed over 14 years ago, but In Public Safety is revisiting the cold case. While many investigative details remain unreleased, here's what can be discerned from the known facts and forensic evidence.

How Rigor Mortis Can Help Indicate Time of Death

By Jennifer Bucholtz

After death, chemical changes in muscle fibers cause the body to stiffen in place. This is called rigor mortis. Find out how factors like temperature and time affect the process and how investigators can use it to help uncover the circumstances around a death.

Livor Mortis Provides Crucial Evidence for Investigators

By Jennifer Bucholtz

During a death investigation, it's important for officers to understand the different phases of livor mortis and how the body changes color following death. This forensic evidence can help determine an approximate time of death, whether the body was moved or not, and possibly a cause of death.