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Podcast: Investigating the Murder of Rebekah Gould – Episode 1

In September 2004, 22-year-old college student Rebekah Gould was murdered. Her case remains unsolved. In the first episode of this five-part podcast series, learn about the evidence in this cold case from Jennifer Bucholtz, a criminal justice and forensic science professor at American Military University, who has spent months reviewing and analyzing the facts of this unsolved murder.

Using Behavioral Analysis to Narrow Suspects in Rebekah Gould’s Murder

By Jennifer Bucholtz

What does the evidence from Rebekah Gould's unsolved murder tell investigators about the killer? The ninth article in this series applies behavioral analysis techniques to create a profile of the likely killer based on Rebekah's injuries and the evidence left at the scenes.

The Importance of Behavioral Analysis in Murder Investigations

By Jennifer Bucholtz

When police don't have enough direct evidence to identify a suspect, conducting a behavioral analysis can help determine the type of person who committed the crime. Learn what crime scene clues can provide investigators with valuable insight into the psychology, personality, and motive of the murderer.

Circumstantial Evidence Could Bring Rebekah Gould’s Killer to Justice

By Jennifer Bucholtz

Rebekah Gould was brutally murdered in 2004, but her killer was never identified or convicted. Now, after utilizing her extensive background in criminal justice to investigate the cold case, AMU's Jennifer Bucholtz has built a strong circumstantial case against Rebekah's killer. Is it enough to put him behind bars?

Geographic Profiling and Psychology Provide Clues About Rebekah Gould’s Killer

By Jennifer Bucholtz

Geographic profiling examines patterns in a criminal's actions to make logical deductions about where they reside. Find out how it can be applied to the murder of 22-year-old Rebekah Gould to narrow down the suspect pool and zero in on the killer.

Q&A: Answering Questions Regarding the Murder of Rebekah Gould

By Jennifer Bucholtz

After spending weeks investigating and writing about the cold case murder of Rebekah Gould, AMU's Jennifer Bucholtz answers some of the questions she's received from readers. Find out what she plans to do next and if she believes the killer can be identified.

Using Forensic Entomology to Help Establish Time of Death

By Jennifer Bucholtz

Forensic entomology is the science collecting and analyzing insect activity on a dead body. Find out how it can be used to help determine time of death and whether a body has been moved, such as in the murder investigation of college student Rebekah Gould.