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Don’t Ignore Red Flags: Firefighter Shares His Battle with Mental Health

By Lieutenant Robert Hiller

When a shoulder injury left firefighter Robert Hiller recovering at home, the change of pace resulted in a gradual decline in his mental health. Read about the increasingly worrying red flags he ignored before finally deciding to seek professional help.

Pre-Trauma Training Improves Emotional Resiliency in First Responders

By Yael Schuman

First responders are at high risk of suffering post-traumatic stress, but many are not taught the skills to handle it until after they experience a traumatic event. Find out how pre-trauma training can better equip responders to cope with the distressing scenes that they will inevitably encounter.

Addressing the Mental Health Stigma in Law Enforcement

By Kelly Long

Officers face the worst that society has to offer and this reality often batters their mental health, yet the stigma attached to mental health issues prevents many from getting help. Learn what needs to be done to bring about much-needed change.

Littleton Shooting Highlights Need for Pre-Trauma Training for First Responders

By Yael Shuman

When first responders are confronted with scenarios as horrific as the Littleton school shooting, it's inevitable that many will be left with deep psychological wounds. Since it is unlikely that Littleton will be the last such incident, it is essential that agencies conduct pre-trauma training to help responders recover faster and more fully after a worst-case scenario.

How Yoga Training Combines Wellness and Physical Fitness for Firefighters

By Olivia Mead

Many in the fire service are skeptical about trying yoga, but its ability to enhance both mental and physical performance should not be underestimated. Find out how the foundational elements of yoga provide specific benefits to firefighters.

Lessons Learned from the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks

By Joshua Kelley

Terrorists in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks demonstrated an unparalleled level of coordination and precision, allowing them to sustain the attacks for 60 hours. Lessons learned from 26/11 can help governments around the world to better prepare for, prevent, and respond to, such attacks.

Tips on Training Adult Employees in the Workplace

By Chris Chiancone

Every company that relies on technology must deliver cybersecurity training to employees. Training adult employees can be challenging, but a few simple adjustments can streamline the process for everyone involved.