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Challenges of Finding Housing for Human Trafficking Victims

By Christi Scott Bartman

Housing is one of the main impediments for human trafficking survivors to successfully escape a life of being trafficked. Learn about their unique needs as well as specific ways to help these women find long-term housing.

How Machine Learning is Changing Intelligence Collection

By Eric W. Adams

Intelligence analysts are tasked with collecting, organizing, and making sense of massive amounts of data. Here's how machine learning is helping analysts better understand and solve complex problems.

Building Partnerships Strengthens Emergency Management Capabilities

By Natalie French

Jurisdictions that are facing a lack of resources can enhance their emergency management strategy by building strong partnerships in the community. Learn how emergency managers can conduct comprehensive outreach efforts and why they must do so long before a disaster strikes.

Could Your Organization (or You) Be a Target of Foreign Spies?

By Angela Hill

Companies that deal with critical infrastructure are prime targets for foreign adversaries looking to collect valuable data. Employees at these companies should follow these tips to ensure they’re not being used as unsuspecting sources.

Changing Your Approach to Vehicle Stops Could Save Your Life

By Daniel Foster

One of the most outdated techniques that most police officers still employ is approaching vehicles from the driver side during a motor vehicle stop. Find out why this can pose a danger to officers, both from passing cars and from occupants inside the vehicle.

Four Tips for Handling Stress for Female Police Recruits

By Wendy Hummell

When female officers express emotion or stress, it can often be dismissed on account of gender and this can take a toll on their mental health. Here a veteran female officer shares her advice on handling stress for the next generation of women starting out on the force.

Holding Prosecutors and Judges Accountable for Unequal Justice

By Kerry L. Erisman

There is a disparity in the U.S. criminal justice system where wealth and privilege can somehow diminish the seriousness of a crime and lessen the sentence. This is unacceptable, and there must be limits on the discretion exercised by prosecutors and judges who abuse their powers.