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Business Continuity: Is Your Organization Prepared for Election-Related Unrest?

By Doug Bruce

There is still a lot of uncertainty around the 2020 presidential election. In light of potential social unrest, business continuity must be a high priority for every business leader. Here are tips to help ensure organizations, and its employees, are prepared for any event.

Podcast: Peer Support Builds Resiliency among Officers and Families

More than ever, officers must address mental health issues during their career and into retirement. In this episode, Wendy Hummell, a 24-year career officer and law enforcement spouse, talks about developing a robust peer support program and its role in building resilient law enforcement families. Also learn about other stress management tools including tactical breathing, yoga, mindfulness training, and more.

Protecting Vulnerable Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Joyce Holmes-Jordan

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the vulnerability of older adults who often have chronic medical conditions and have become increasingly isolated during the pandemic. Learn how communities can implement models to reduce disparities and build stronger community resiliency to aid such vulnerable populations during a crisis.

Soft Skills May Reduce Police Use of Excessive or Deadly Force

By Matthew Eldridge

How can agencies better prepare officers for emotionally challenging work? Learn how soft skills training, especially on emotional intelligence, can benefit officers and agencies alike.

Why Officers Must be Trained to Stay “Left of Bang”

Dr. Marla Friedman

Law enforcement officers must be trained about how to cope with the stress and trauma they are bound to face during their career. During her therapeutic work with officers, learn how one police psychologist has had significant success training officers to stay "Left of Bang."

Protecting Correctional Officers during the Pandemic

By Brian Dawe

Coronavirus has taken a huge toll on correctional officers and their families. Learn about new guidelines to protect staff as well as changes to LODD benefits that ensure the families of officers killed by COVID-19 will receive benefits.

How Law Enforcement Agencies Can Create a Comprehensive Ethics Policy

By Mark Buck

Every police officer has a responsibility to act ethically, but law enforcement agencies also have a responsibility to teach and enforce a clear code of ethics. To create a comprehensive ethics policy, agencies must include these key components.