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What Does It Mean When States Are Strategically Aligned?

By Jeremy Burkett

The alignment of states, and their constant realignment, contribute to ongoing power struggles among international players. Learn why states choose to cooperate with others and how their policy choices impact the level of security they receive from a relationship. 

Tips for Improving Communication with Your IT Department

It often seems like IT professionals speak their own language. To solve problems more quickly, a chief information officer provides insight on how an organization's employees can bridge the communication gap with their IT department.

How Trauma Causes Alternate Neural Pathways in the Brain

By Dr. Michael Genovese

Traumatic experiences can alter pathways in the brain, causing symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Learn more about how trauma affects an individual's experience of the world and the importance of repairing damaged neural pathways.

Eliminating Gender Bias and Sexual Discrimination in Police Departments

By Kelly Long

Female officers commonly experience gender bias and even sexual harassment from their peers and supervisors, leading to high stress and low retention rates. This can be damaging to the entire department. Leaders must make it a priority to eradicate sexist behavior from their ranks and give women equal opportunities to succeed.

New Hampshire’s Helmet Laws Scrutinized Following Horrific Motorcyclist Deaths

By Glynn Cosker

A devastating crash that left seven motorcyclists dead is drawing attention to New Hampshire's lack of helmet regulations. However, learn why helmet use in the state is unlikely to become mandatory anytime soon.

How an Intelligence Degree Improved My Work in the Field

By Eric W. Adams

Can pursuing a higher education degree alongside your regular job bolster your career? Find out how an AMU student is applying the principles and methodologies he learns in the classroom directly, and often immediately, to his work as an intelligence analyst.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags: Firefighter Shares His Battle with Mental Health

By Lieutenant Robert Hiller

When a shoulder injury left firefighter Robert Hiller recovering at home, the change of pace resulted in a gradual decline in his mental health. Read about the increasingly worrying red flags he ignored before finally deciding to seek professional help.