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A Public Health Perspective on the Opioid Crisis: Free Digital Magazine

American Public University System created a special digital magazine to spotlight the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation. Download it for free now to read expert insight on the crisis and how we can combat it.

Counseling & Confidentiality: What You Need to Know

The decision to seek counseling is a difficult one for many first responders, but concerns about confidentiality should not be an additional obstacle. Here's what responders should know about counseling confidentiality so they can get the help they need.

How Children of First Responders Can Benefit from Counseling

First responders handle a lot of stress, and sometimes that stress also impacts those closest to them. Find out how different types of counseling can help children in first responder families.

Can a Behavioral Intervention Team Stop the Next School Shooting?

By Jon Hager

College behavioral intervention teams play a crucial role in identifying and stepping in when an individual is exhibiting potentially dangerous behavior. Learn more about how they keep campuses safe.

Helping Friends Be More Sensitive to First Responder PTSD

By Robert Hiller

Sometimes even a seemingly innocent question about their work can trigger deep-rooted anxiety and stress for firefighters. Learn how firefighters can educate those around them to avoid discussing difficult calls.

Kratom Identified as Natural Opioid by the FDA: Here’s What Consumers Should Know

By Dr. Jennifer Sedillo and Nirav Patel

Kratom is a herbal supplement commonly used to treat opioid withdrawal. However, much is unknown about its active ingredients. Learn more about kratom and why it's so important for there to be further investigation into its addictive nature and potential harm to users.