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COVID-19 and Respecting Expertise When It's Most Crucial

Unfortunately, some people have responded to the coronavirus outbreak by hoarding supplies while others have dismissed the severity of the virus. Here's why it's so important that everyone abides by the expertise of medical professionals.

Expert Witness Chronicles: Were Hotel Security Cameras Properly Monitored?

By Dr. Gary Deel

In this part of the litigation, lawyers investigate the hotel's security infrastructure. Did security officers competently live- monitor surveillance cameras? If so, why didn't they identify the suspicious behavior of an officer and stop him before he assaulted a young man? 

Expert Witness Chronicles: Does the Hotel Bear Responsibility for Guest Assault?

Dr. Gary Deel

What's the hotel's responsibility for a security officer who assaulted a young man? Did the hotel properly vet him during the hiring process?

Expert Witness Chronicles: Police Investigate Claims of Assault and Battery

By Dr. Gary Deel

During the investigation of a case against a hotel security officer who lured a young man into a bathroom, learn the definitions of assault and battery and how these charges apply to this case.

Expert Witness Chronicles: Mistakes by Hotel Management

By Gary Deel

After the sexual assault of a young man by a hotel security officer, the general manager and security director made several major mistakes. Was this incompetence or intentional? 

Expert Witness Chronicles: Assault on the Most Vulnerable

By Dr. Gary Deel

While at a conference for disabled children at an Orlando hotel, an attendee was approached by a security officer. In the first article in this series, read about the assault and the litigation that followed to determine the hotel's responsibility.

Expert Witness Chronicles: Case Ends with Lessons for Beachfront Hotels

By Dr. Gary Deel

The case against the hotel for Paul's catastrophic injuries comes to a conclusion. What can beachfront hotels learn from Paul's case so they can better manage guest safety?