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911 Calls for the Homeless Offer Unique Challenges

By Dr. Dena Weiss

Should social workers respond to violations by a homeless person instead of police? Statistics reveal the homeless, who often suffer from mental illness, engage in troubling criminal behavior. As a compromise, some agencies have created a homeless outreach program with officers, medics, and mental health professionals. Learn the pros and cons of such a program.

Rapid DNA Analysis a New Tool for Forensic Laboratories

By Dr. Dena Weiss

Rapid DNA technology can be used in the field to obtain results in just two hours. Learn how this technology is being applied and how it's helping reduce backlogged state forensic labs at a much lower cost.

Agencies Should Actively Recruit Female Police Officers

By Dr. Dena Weiss

Studies indicate that female police officers are less likely than their male counterparts to use excessive force and they are highly skilled at deescalating situations through communication. While the number of female police officers has increased over time, very few hold leadership positions. Learn why more agencies should actively recruit women into law enforcement.

COVID-19 Has Further Strained the U.S. Judicial System

By Dr. Dena Weiss

COVID-19 has caused major delays within the U.S. judicial system. Learn about increases in case backlogs, disruptions to criminal investigations, and potential violations of a person's right to a speedy trial.

How Case-Based Learning Can Build Enthusiasm for a Forensic Science Career

By Dr. Dena Weiss

Are you considering a career in forensics? The demand for forensic scientists is huge and only expected to grow. When investigating academic programs, here's why you should consider ones that incorporate case-based learning scenarios.