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Ability to Make a Decision Gives Officers Advantages for Future Careers

By Dr. Chuck Russo and D.C. Rand

Officers are accustomed to making quick decisions based on limited information. Learn how such skills can translate to a second career, especially when working for companies that operate on tight timelines or in rapidly changing environments.

Podcast: Militarization of the Police?

Do law enforcement agencies incorporate too many military tactics and equipment in their policing efforts? In this episode, Dr. Bjorn Mercer talks to AMU Criminal Justice program director, Dr. Chuck Russo, about the origins of the military and domestic law enforcement as well as the benefits and downfalls of ongoing collaboration and more. 

Will Trump’s Executive Order Lead to Better Training and Education of Officers?

By Dr. Chuck Russo and D.C. Rand

President Trump signed an executive order encouraging police departments to improve transparency, increase training, and more. Learn more about the historical context of this executive order and why greater educational standards are needed.

The Design of Online Education and Training Continues to Evolve

By Dr. Chuck Russo

Online education has come a long way in 20 years. Read a firsthand account about what it was like to design some of the first online education courses and training programs for law enforcement officers and what the future holds for online education.

How Officers Can Minimize Exposure to COVID-19 Coronavirus

By Dr. Chuck Russo and Dr. Samer Koutoubi

Police officers and other first responders are at a much greater risk of being exposed to and contracting COVID-19 coronavirus. Here are several ways that public safety professionals can protect themselves from this contagious respiratory disease.

More Research Needed to Understand PTSD-Related Injuries

By Dr. Chuck Russo and Dr. Stephanie Myers-Hunziker

More research is needed to illustrate why PTSD-related injuries must qualify under workers’ compensation and pension plans. Only through research can lawmakers and public safety leaders understand how frequently and severely PTSD affects first responders.

Four Reasons Why Employers Struggle to Determine Compensation Claims for PTSD

By Dr. Chuck Russo and Dr. Stephanie Myers-Hunziker

Understanding entitlement to benefits and how to address PTSD is no easy task. Here are four common questions public safety employers are forced to ask when determining compensation claims based on psychological injuries.