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Should Municipalities Prepare for a Mini-Ice Age?

By Buster Nicholson

Because of the potential effects of a grand solar minimum, local and state municipalities should prepare for the possibility of agricultural and heating challenges during the next several decades.

Budget Season: Resolve Needed to Deal With COVID-19 Revenue Losses

By Buster Nicholson

During this budget season, municipal leaders are facing significant revenue shortfalls due to COVID-19. Here are ways to improve efficiency and cut costs without sacrificing levels of service.

How Can Local Government Leaders Make Good Use of Their Time?

For municipal leaders, time is an extremely valuable resource. Learn why leaders must reserve some time to reflect on tasks in order to prioritize them and ensure they're making the best decisions possible.

Municipal Leaders Should Embrace Feedback from Critics

By Buster Nicholson

When critics point out obstacles and pitfalls to an idea or proposal, instead of meeting this with resistance and offense, municipal leaders should treat it as an opportunity to strengthen an idea or plan.

A Municipal Manager Should View Council Members as Customers

By Buster Nicholson

Municipal managers must answer to many "bosses." In order to be productive, they must approach their job through the lens of customer service. Here are some strategies to help municipal managers develop positive relationships so they can be effective leaders.

Conflict is Necessary for Effective Municipal Leadership

By Buster Nicholson

Municipal leaders can't shy away from conflict. Learn why it's important to know your personality type so you can effectively lead through conflict.

Curiosity Gives Municipal Leaders an Edge

By Buster Nicholson

Municipal leaders are often so overloaded with responsibilities that they miss opportunities. The key to recognizing opportunity is to stay acutely curious and inquisitive. Learn how to develop a sense of curiosity by deliberately engaging with information, people, and situations.