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How Threat Assessment Teams Can Help Prevent Violence on Campuses

Despite more than 20 interactions with university staff and security about escalating harassment from a man who was stalking her on campus, Lauren McCluskey, a student at the University of Utah, was murdered in October 2018. Learn how threat assessment teams on campuses can help mitigate incidents of violence like this.

Lawsuit Seeking to Close Nevada Brothels Likely to Be Dismissed

By James J. Barney

Nevada is currently facing a lawsuit that alleges it is unable to regulate legal prostitution, thus leading to a human trafficking issue. The lawsuit is likely to be dismissed, but it might only be the first of many battles to close brothels and end legal prostitution in the state.

Why Operational Dashboards Are Vital for Emergency Management

By Liam O'Brien

During an emergency response, the influx of raw location-based data can be overwhelming. Find out how operational dashboards can provide a visual presentation of data to help emergency managers make more informed decisions and create comprehensive strategies during a crisis. 

Supreme Court’s Ruling on LGBTQ Discrimination May Reveal Kavanaugh’s Court Impact

By James J. Barney

The Supreme Court is currently determining a ruling in three employment cases on whether discrimination “because of sex” includes that based on sexual orientation and sexual identity. Will the decision offer clearer insight to Justice Kavanaugh’s methods of statutory interpretation?

Understanding the Volunteer Deficit Will Lead to Better Recruitment and Retention

By Kevin Kupietz

The future of the fire service depends on the ability of leaders to understand what is causing the volunteer deficit so they can improve recruitment and retention. Learn about how leaders can appeal to more potential recruits and better support their current volunteers.

How Emotional Self-Regulation Positively Impacts Children of Public Safety Professionals

By Dr. Marie Isom

Children of first responders face unique stressors, but parents who practice emotional self-regulation can better support them through challenges that arise. Learn more about how first responders can help build their children's resiliency, as well as their own.

How Internships Can Open Doors in Your Career

By Terri L. Wilkin, Dr. Nicole Drumhiller, and Christine Muncy

If approached thoughtfully, internships can be the gateway to your future career. Learn how you can find, secure, and succeed at an internship in your chosen industry.