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Reopening Strategies Require More than Temperature Checks

By Dr. Darrell Dantzler

A reopening strategy based solely on mandatory temperature checks fosters a false sense of security. Learn why it's so important for schools and businesses to enforce multiple layers of protective measures such as testing, face masks, and handwashing in order to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.

Roberts’ Attempts to Depoliticize Court May Have Unintended Consequences

By James Barney

Chief Justice John Roberts seeks to bolster the public legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Read about his narrowly crafted decisions in three recent rulings and the potential unintended consequences.

Could Restorative Justice Build Stronger Communities?

By Tamara Herdener

The first step in adopting restorative justice practices is to build a strong community. The restorative process begins after a crime occurs by bringing the victims and the perpetrators together. Would America accept communities ruled by these principles?

Podcast: Addressing Racial Bias and Outgroups Through Organizational Change

There are many conversations happening around racial inequality, diversity, and unconscious bias. But are those conversations effective? In this podcast episode, AMU Program Director Dr. Larry D. Parker Jr. talks about how phrases like "I don't see color" can actually be unproductive in working towards diversity and inclusion. Listen to learn how to institute widespread organizational change.

Traumatic Stress from COVID-19 Raises Concerns for Front-Line Responders

By Dr. Tonia Parker

Many first responders are suffering from traumatic stress after responding to the coronavirus pandemic, which is leading to burnout and even suicide. Learn about the resulting physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual effects and what support is needed to address mental health issues during this crisis.

How Coronavirus Has Stifled the Criminal Justice System

By Kerry L. Erisman

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the court system to a standstill, dramatically increasing case backlogs. Learn how coronavirus has changed the way law enforcement and correctional officers do their job and the impacts the pandemic is having on the entire criminal justice system.

US Airlines Hit by Economic Turbulence from COVID-19

By Dr. Michael Marticek

The airline industry is struggling during the coronavirus pandemic due to worldwide travel restrictions. Learn more about the impacts on this industry and how the government is helping airlines stay aloft.