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COVID-19 Crisis Alters Legal Education, Admissions Process

By James Barney

The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the educational landscape particularly in law schools. Learn how the pandemic has complicated the decision to attend law school and the application process, but has also created some unexpected benefits.

September Is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Dr. Kimberlee Ratliff

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted social and financial stability and distanced people from social support, so now, more than ever, it's important to come together to prevent suicide. Learn about Active Minds, a student-led organization that aims to reduce stigma, encourage healthy coping skills, and offer other anti-suicide measures. Register to attend an upcoming symposium.

The Challenges of Recovering Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse

By Dr. Jade Pumphrey

In cases of childhood sexual abuse, it is common for victims to have trouble recovering memories. For those looking to investigate and prosecute these cases, the challenge becomes whether victims can recover memories and if they can stand up in court.

Louisville Police Slaying of Breonna Taylor Gets Oprah Involved

By Dr. Kandis Boyd Wyatt

The shooting death of Breonna Taylor by police executing a No Knock Warrant has brought much attention to this police tactic. What actions are being taken to try to prevent agencies from using this type of warrant in the future? 

Reopening Strategies Require More than Temperature Checks

By Dr. Darrell Dantzler

A reopening strategy based solely on mandatory temperature checks fosters a false sense of security. Learn why it's so important for schools and businesses to enforce multiple layers of protective measures such as testing, face masks, and handwashing in order to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.

Roberts’ Attempts to Depoliticize Court May Have Unintended Consequences

By James Barney

Chief Justice John Roberts seeks to bolster the public legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Read about his narrowly crafted decisions in three recent rulings and the potential unintended consequences.

Could Restorative Justice Build Stronger Communities?

By Tamara Herdener

The first step in adopting restorative justice practices is to build a strong community. The restorative process begins after a crime occurs by bringing the victims and the perpetrators together. Would America accept communities ruled by these principles?