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What Hackers Want: Assessing an Organization’s Most Valuable Assets

By Dr. Kevin Harris

Leaders must know how to protect an organization's digital assets from hackers. Taking steps to create a total asset matrix will help them identify valuable assets, evaluate the threat associated with each one, and protect them accordingly.

Should You Hire a Hacker? Benefits of Ethical Hacking Services

By Dr. Kenneth Williams

Is the best way to protect against a hacker to hire one? Find out why some organizations are paying “white-hat hackers” to test their network’s protections and what you need to consider before hiring one.

IoT Technology Is Changing Healthcare, But Not Without Risk

By Dr. Kevin Harris

IoT devices are changing healthcare, but like any device connected to a network, they are vulnerable to cyberattacks. They must be protected to ensure patient care and the security of entire systems are not compromised.

Purdue Pharma’s Bankruptcy Case Might Last for Years

By James J. Barney

Purdue Pharmacy, the company behind the painkiller Oxycontin, has filed for bankruptcy. However, this does not end litigation against the company for its role in the opioid crisis and may just be the beginning of a multi-year legal saga.

Ransomware and Other Cyberattacks: How Criminals Are Targeting Personal Information

By Dr. Harry Cooper

Information breaches are often caused by personnel who unintentionally allow hackers to access private networks. Learn about ransomware and other methods hackers are using to mislead business employees and steal sensitive data.

Preventing a Cyberattack: A Guide to Cyber Readiness

Losing critical data can be devastating to an organization. This cybersecurity awareness month, all business leaders should evaluate the security measures they have in place to protect against a potential cyberattack. Download this magazine to learn what digital assets are most likely to be targeted by hackers, how to make sure employees are cyber-ready, and how to prepare contingency plans for a worst-case scenario.

A Non-Interventionism Foreign Policy Strategy Can Be a Bipartisan Affair

By Dr. Scott Duryea

Non-interventionism is a foreign policy strategy that emphasizes diplomacy first, war second. Learn how the U.S. could enact such a strategy to make a shift from its current aggressive and expensive warfare approach to international relations.