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Traumatic Stress from COVID-19 Raises Concerns for Front-Line Responders

By Dr. Tonia Parker

Many first responders are suffering from traumatic stress after responding to the coronavirus pandemic, which is leading to burnout and even suicide. Learn about the resulting physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual effects and what support is needed to address mental health issues during this crisis.

How Coronavirus Has Stifled the Criminal Justice System

By Kerry L. Erisman

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the court system to a standstill, dramatically increasing case backlogs. Learn how coronavirus has changed the way law enforcement and correctional officers do their job and the impacts the pandemic is having on the entire criminal justice system.

US Airlines Hit by Economic Turbulence from COVID-19

By Dr. Michael Marticek

The airline industry is struggling during the coronavirus pandemic due to worldwide travel restrictions. Learn more about the impacts on this industry and how the government is helping airlines stay aloft.

Podcast: Emergency Management Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this podcast, Dr. Kevin Kupietz talks about being deployed to evacuate cruise ships as a member of the National Disaster Medical System. Learn how the COVID-19 outbreak has forced emergency managers to be adaptable, flexible and creative; the importance of all-hazards training; the value of diversity among emergency management professionals; and the need for more volunteers during this uncertain time.

The Many Challenges of Tracking an Infectious Disease

By Deborah Barkin Fromer

Learn more about how disease detectives collect information from infected patients to help epidemiologists understand transmission patterns, clinical features, and risk factors of infectious diseases.

Why We Need Price Gouging: Benefits of Raising Prices During Crisis

By Dr. Scott Duryea

Learn about the potential economic benefits of allowing stores to raise prices in order to meet increased demand. Could "price gouging" actually prevent shortages of essential goods?

What Hackers Want: Assessing an Organization’s Most Valuable Assets

By Dr. Kevin Harris

Taking steps to create a total asset matrix will help organizations identify their most valuable digital assets, evaluate the threat associated with each one, and protect them accordingly.