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Police Tactics to Use During Protests and Riots

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

When preparing for a large gathering, police employ several tactics so they're ready for any scenario. Learn about MRTs, supervision strategies, and more.

Protecting the Right to Protest: Intervention and De-Escalation Tactics

Police must be trained and prepared to respond to a protest and enforce the law when necessary. Learn about intervention and de-escalation tactics.

Planning for Riots and Protests Requires Identifying Problems and Creating Partnerships

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

Police agencies must plan for riots well before they happen. Developing this strategy should include building partnerships, logistics, processes, and supervision protocol.

Evolution of Police Tactics to Manage Riots and Protests

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

The tactics police are trained to use to manage riots and protests has changed significantly over the years. In the first part of this series, learn from two officers about how these techniques changed over the course of their careers.

Police Reform: Ways Agencies Can Improve Officer Ethics

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

Is it okay for a police officer to accept a free cup of coffee? For many officers, the answer is not clear. While the scenario may seem insignificant, it highlights the ethical challenges officers face. Read more about steps agencies can take to improve officer ethics through recruitment, training, and supervision.

Just the Facts? Law Enforcement’s Fight against Fake News and Cybercrime

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

Is creating fake news a crime? Learn how law enforcement is addressing potential threats posed by the spread of false information and the connection to cybercrime. Are officers properly trained for this fight?

How Armed Citizens Can Prepare to Engage an Active Shooter

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

Many people have concealed carry permits, but they often don't have the proper training needed to stop an active shooter. Two career police officers offer advanced training recommendations so armed citizens can be better prepared in case they find themselves involved in a mass shooting.