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Training Civilians to Respond to Mass Shootings

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

During an active shooter event, it's critical that civilians know what to do in the few minutes it takes police to arrive. From understanding the run, hide, fight concept to providing basic first aid, teaching people how to respond during a mass shooting can mean the difference between life and death.

Why Police Departments Must Have Policies for Officers Who Moonlight

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

There are many benefits to private companies hiring trained police officers as part-time security personnel, especially for special events such as sports games. However, law enforcement departments must to have clear policies and procedures for officers who engage in part-time security work.

What Actions Should Police Take in Active Shooter and Large-Scale Incidents?

By Andrew Bell and Bruce Razey

The recent back-to-back shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio show that the unthinkable can happen anywhere. Here are some of the steps police need to take immediately following such events to contain the incident and get responders and resources to where they're needed.

Examining the Breakdown of Trust in Military and First Responders

By Andrew Bell

Citizen support for the military and first responders is essential for maintaining public safety, but there is growing distrust in those sworn to protect us. Learn about what is contributing to the breakdown of trust and what can be done to rebuild it.