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A Profession in Crisis: Proactively Recruiting in Schools and Minority Communities

By Nicole Cain

Proactive recruiting is necessary in the current environment of the policing profession. Law enforcement agencies must transform and expand their recruitment strategies to attract desirable candidates from all backgrounds.

A Profession in Crisis: Addressing Recruitment and Hiring Practices in Law Enforcement

By Nicole Cain

Hiring and retaining officers continues to be one of the greatest challenges for law enforcement agencies. Learn how leaders can use proactive hiring practices, including creating a hiring unit, to boost the number of new recruits.

The Benefits of Law Enforcement Agencies Transforming into Learning Organizations

By Nicole Cain

Learning organizations foster leadership and employee growth at all levels. Many law enforcement agencies already have a great foundation for making the shift into learning organizations because of their community policing programs.

What Makes an Effective Law Enforcement Leader?

By Nicole Cain

The success of a police department is highly dependent on strong leaders. So what skills must law enforcement leaders possess in today's political and social climate?

The Use of Deception During Police Interrogations

By Nicole Cain

Deception is considered unethical in most situations; however, most police detectives consider it an invaluable tool to obtain a confession. Learn how the parameters of using strategic deception in police interrogations have been established through case law.

Strong Teamwork Needed to Solve Violent Crimes

Despite what fictional crime dramas portray, violent crimes are never solved by a lone detective or a crime-sleuthing duo. Investigating violent crimes—and specifically homicides—requires extensive teamwork. AMU criminal justice professor Nicole Cain writes about the professionals involved in solving crimes including first responders, detectives, crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, medical examiners and more. Learn more about how these professionals have to work together to solve crimes.

Interview Strategies for Sexual Assault and Rape Investigations

By Nicole Cain

In sexual assault investigations, the primary responsibilities of detectives are the physical and emotional well-being of the victim, the preservation of evidence, and the apprehension of the suspect. Such investigations are challenging because detectives must conduct an in-depth interview with the victim without causing further emotional harm. AMU professor Nicole Cain, a 14-year law enforcement officer, writes about the essential elements of the interview process.