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Contributing to Research and Discussions in the Criminal Justice Field

By Leischen Stelter

Professional conferences are a great opportunity to continue building a body of research and furthering the criminal justice field. The ACJS annual conference in May will be no exception. Find out what topics AMU faculty members will be presenting on and what they expect to gain.

Advance Your Career with the Certified Fraud Examiner Certification

By Joshua L. Adams

Today’s competitive job market is filled with employers seeking applicants who have a combination of higher education, work experience, and relevant professional certifications. The field of criminal justice is no different. Here are certification options police officers should consider to advance their career and make them more marketable.

Protecting Churches: Options to Enhance Security

By Joshua L. Adams

Religious meeting places have long been considered sacred and solemn locations where no one would dare bring a firearm, let alone kill someone. This common societal norm is fading, however, in the wake of attacks on churches and mosques, where attackers have entered with the intent of killing as many people as they can. Here are security considerations for churches and places of worship.

Tips for Joint Investigations with Military Criminal Investigation Organizations

Conducting a sexual assault investigation can be very complex, especially when military members are involved.  While military and civilian law enforcement investigative procedures are similar, there are some very important differences in protocol and procedure. Learn more about the differences in interrogations and questioning and how to work best with military criminal investigation organizations (MCIOs) to ensure the successful prosecution of military offenders in both the military and civilian realms.