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The Challenges Law Enforcement Faces to Prevent Human Trafficking

Human trafficking and sex slavery deny freedom to 24.9 million people around the world. Listen to a new podcast with AMU’s Dr. Michael Pittaro about what law enforcement is doing to combat human trafficking, the challenges agencies face, and what more can be done.

WSIN Offers Agencies Assistance on Human Trafficking Cases

By Jinnie Chua

The Western States Information Network (WSIN) offers agencies a multitude of products and services to assist human trafficking investigations. Find out more about how it provides crucial support and how agencies can join WSIN for free.

Fighting Human Trafficking on Its Own Cyber-Turf

By Jinnie Chua

Much of human trafficking in today's digital age relies on the internet, so how can law enforcement use that against the perpetrators? Learn how this non-profit is using the power of data analytics to find and beat human traffickers.

Fasten Seatbelts: The Fight Against Human Trafficking is Taking Off

By Leischen Stelter

Air travel is a surprisingly common way for human traffickers to transport victims. Learn about the federal government's new initiative to train aviation personnel to identify and report trafficking. Is the government covering all its bases when it comes to monitoring the transportation networks of traffickers or can more be done?

How to Identify Signs of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and it's happening across the country. To help combat this atrocious crime, here are signs to look for that a person is a victim of human trafficking. For those in law enforcement, here are questions to ask a potential victim.

The Prison Pipeline: Fighting Human Trafficking From Inside Prison Walls

By Larson Binzer

Prisons have long been prime recruiting grounds for human traffickers. Learn how dedicated employees in the correctional system are fighting to give the issue the attention it deserves by raising awareness among correctional staff and implementing programs to educate the inmates who are most vulnerable.

Using Intelligence Techniques to Identify Human Trafficking Networks in Prison

By John Meekins

Not enough correctional officers realize that human trafficking networks are thriving within prisons. Learn how they can be trained to use basic intelligence-gathering techniques to identify trafficking rings within female prisons.