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Marijuana Legalization Means More, Not Less, Training Needed for Officers

By Leischen Stelter

With an increasing number of states moving to legalize marijuana, how must law enforcement officers adapt to the change? Find out about the different drug training programs available to officers.

How to Build a Retirement Game Plan

By Leischen Stelter

All officers know the date they will retire, even rookies. Yet, not enough prepare for retirement. Here's how one officer developed a game plan, which included going back to school and starting a business. But the best thing he did? It's something he thinks ALL officers should do before they leave the force.

How Much Drug Use Occurs in Law Enforcement?

By Keith Graves

After seeing more than one officer succumb to drug abuse during his 29-year law enforcement career, this student decided to research drug use by police for his graduate thesis. Here's what he learned about officer drug use before joining the force and the prevalence of abuse during a career.

Officer Overload: Are Too Many Responsibilities Compromising Officer Safety?

By Leischen Stelter

With more responsibilities than they've ever held in the past, it's now more important than ever for officers to manage their stress levels. Learn how agencies can promote officer safety with regular debriefings and on-going training.

For Police Officers, Working with the Community Is What It’s All About

Keith Graves has been a police officer for more than 28 years.It’s imperative that every officer be the best he or she can be, so that citizens walk away with confidence in their government and their police departments,” he says. Learn about Keith’s career and why he thinks education is so important.

Public Service Recognition Week is May 1-7

By DeAnn Wandler

Public servants are dedicated to a cause greater than their own personal ambition. In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, American Public University System created a blog series to honor the men and women who serve our nation. Read about some of the many public servants within our university family who are dedicated to serving their communities. Take a moment and help us thank our nation's public servants for their service.

Keep an Eye Out for New, Strange Drugs People Are Abusing

By Keith Graves

Drug use has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. When I first started in law enforcement 26 years ago, people were mostly using meth, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or PCP. With the growth of the Internet, people are now able to learn about more unusual and strange drugs.