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How Case-Based Learning Can Build Enthusiasm for a Forensic Science Career

By Dr. Dena Weiss

Are you considering a career in forensics? The demand for forensic scientists is huge and only expected to grow. When investigating academic programs, here's why you should consider ones that incorporate case-based learning scenarios.

Consequences of the Military Failing to Submit Fingerprints of Convicted Servicemembers

By Dr. Dena Weiss

Despite requirements, many military branches are failing to submit data of convicted servicemembers to the federal government. Learn more about the problem and the consequences to public safety.

The Importance of Collaborative Research in the Criminal Justice Field

By Drs. Michelle Beshears and Dena Weiss

As college-level educators in today’s educational environment, we often need to wear many different hats. In addition to teaching, professors are often involved in research, professional networking, and publishing. Learn how collaboration can greatly enhance our work in furthering the field of criminal justice.

Technology Offers New Ways to Lift Latent Prints from Crime Scenes

By Dena Weiss

Developing latent prints from a crime scene can be a long and tricky and process, but new technology is set to change that. Learn about the new process that can save investigators valuable time.

Crime Scene Investigators Are Essential to Helping Victims Find Justice

Dena Weiss has worked in law enforcement for the past 25 years, specializing in crime scene investigation. “Those who have a passion for the forensic investigation aspect of criminal justice are drawn to the job because we want to help the victims and their families find closure,” she says. Read more about Dena’s long career as a crime scene investigator.

Officer Training to Improve Crime Scene Processing

By Dena Weiss

High crime volume means that departments do not always have enough crime scene technicians to respond to all scenes. Instead, many departments rely on specially trained officers or public safety aides to handle crime scene processing of less violent offenses. Here's why training is so important for these officers.

One Assault, Two Crime Scenes: The Challenge of Handling Sexual Assault Cases

The importance of processing a sexual assault crime scene properly cannot be emphasized enough. Sexual assault cases are actually two crime scenes—one is the location of the occurrence and the other is the body of the victim. These scenes require not only a comprehensive crime scene search, but also swift examination and questioning of the victim. AMU professor Dena Weiss, a 17-year crime scene investigator (CSI), explains the various pieces of evidence a CSI is searching for and collecting as well as how police officers can help preserve key evidence in sexual assault cases.