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Florida Police Agency Uses Drones to Assess Hurricane Damage

By Anthony Galante

As Hurricane Irma approached the Florida coast, this police agency deployed drones to document current conditions. After Irma made landfall, the agency sent drones out again to assess storm damage and provide information about what areas were hit the worst. Learn more about their UAS program.

Commercial Drone Regulations: How Should Police Respond?

By Anthony Galante

The FAA recently issued new regulations about how drones can be used for commercial purposes. Here are specifics about the new rules as well as the ongoing challenges police face in trying to enforce them.

Correctional Agencies’ Response to Drone Intrusions

By Anthony Galante and Jeremy Nikolow

Drones are very effective at delivering contraband into correctional facilities. They can be flown into tight spaces and can drop packages with extreme precision. These characteristics have caused drones to become a substantial threat to prison security. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to the problem of drone intrusions within correctional facilities.

Failure to Provide Personal Safety Equipment Can Come at a Cost

By Dr. Chuck Russo and Anthony Galante

On February 22, a jury ordered New York City to pay $140 million to the families of firefighters killed in the infamous "Black Sunday" fire for failing to provide personal safety equipment. All agencies must learn from this case. Not only did the city lose personnel, but it now must make financial reparations that far exceed the cost of providing such equipment.

Retired Police as Force Multipliers: The LEOSA Effect

By Jeremy Nikolow and Anthony Galante

Retired police officers can be force multipliers when it comes to protecting communities. Learn more about the Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act (LEOSA), the federal legislation that allows retired police to carry concealed firearms and continue using their training and experience to serve the community.

FAA Addresses Threats of Drones to the Nation’s Airspace

There are more than 100 sightings or close calls between aircraft and drones every month. Pilots of both planes and drones are lucky that, to date, there hasn’t been a midair collision. AMU faculty member Anthony Galante, who is also a trained airline pilot and the director of training for the Unmanned Safety Institute, discusses why drones make him nervous every time he flies. Read more about the government's effort to regulate recreational drones and some of the specifics that still must be answered to keep the nation's airspace safe.

Building a Career By Combining Lifelong Passions

AMU professor Anthony Galante offers lessons he learned throughout his career as evidence that there's not one clear path in your professional endeavors. He shares how he combined his professional career with his life-long passions in an unexpected, but exciting way.