Home Intelligence Is Russia Friend or Foe of the United States?
Is Russia Friend or Foe of the United States?

Is Russia Friend or Foe of the United States?


From allegations of meddling in the 2016 presidential election to opposing U.S. foreign policy, there is no denying that Russia is no friend of the United States. In the video below, American Military University’s Dr. Lisa Kochevar explains how Putin’s recent actions are simply a continuation of a long-established regime that seeks only to further Russia’s interests on the world stage.

Learn more about how and why Russia poses a significant threat to U.S. national security:

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  1. Playing Devil’s Advocate: Does Russia have cameras on every traffic light, in and on every public building or participating building in their cities? Do they have facial recognition software in EVERY store in EVERY city? Does Russia constantly pass laws (“Patriot” Act) and attack inalienable constitutional rights whenever they feel like gaining more power? Smart home devices, vehicles, text, cellphone, email are all spy devices? Are their police in their schools, in their church, in your house spying to throw you in jail? Does Russia have the most & largest and most populated prisons in the world? Do Russia’s national law enforcement agencies, criminal justice system and some military and private conspirators and news networks attack their president to impeach in a near divergent coup. Are men treated with less or more respect in Russia than USA? Do Russian women have selective abortions when they do not want boys to increase female numbers? Does Russia allow foreign invaders to crash the borders in order to swing the vote in elections? Is Russia’s national security an issue due to infiltration through minority movement groups and INTL. non-profit organizations? Are Russia’s schools and infrastructures being roadblocked by collaborating special interest & foreign conspirators? Has feminism and the jailing and extermination of all men that don’t “conform” become Russia’s insanity?
    Awareness is a powerful talisman. Balance is what America desperately needs right now. America has been tied up in many gridlocks for a scary long time. America belongs to Americans. Do not give it away.
    In summary: just a Q: Why does the USA have such a national security problem but has more police with more gear, less privacy, more cameras, more prisons, more laws and more federal law agencies with more power than ever before in history? If you say Russia doesn’t have these things USA is worse than Russia. If you say Russia does have these things Russia is no worse.

  2. DO I recite Donald J Trump, or do I go with reality here? Donald Trump says’ Russia is our Foe, but a Good Foe, not bad. Bad Foes are like Canada, and Mexico and the UK, who use American greatness for their benefit. Russia is strong and not a bad foe.

    But seriously, Russia is our Enemy. From every damn movie since the 70s & 80s Russia has been portrayed as our enemy. James Bond, to Indiana Jones, Russia is a enemy. So how in the hell, did Americans change their tune of Russia in just 8 years (since 2010). Because I sure as hell remember that we do not like Russia.


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