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Give the Gift of an Emergency Kit


By Leischen Stelter, editor of In Public Safety

There’s always someone on your holiday gift list who is a challenge to buy for. In my case, it’s my mother. This Christmas, I decided to give her the gift of preparedness and make her an emergency car kit. She lives in northern Emergency kitVermont where snowy winters create dangerous driving conditions and I realized she has very little in her car to help during an emergency.

Below is a list of the supplies I included in her kit. Please use this list as a guide to put together a similar gift for your loved ones. Add your ideas for other items to include as a comment below.

If someone you gift a kit winds up in an emergency situation, know that your preparedness can help save his or her life or the life of someone else.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!


SuppliesRoadside Assistance:

☐ Multi-tool

☐ Duct Tape

☐ Flashlight

☐ Extra Batteries

☐ Glow Light

☐ Flares

☐ Shovel

☐ Kitty Litter

☐ Collapsible Triangle

☐ Work Gloves

☐ Weather Radio & Phone Charger

☐ Compass, Whistle, Magnifying Glass

FoodFood & Water:

☐ Water Bottle

☐ Beef Jerky

☐ Granola Bars

☐ Water Purifying Drops

Medical Supplies:

☐ First Aid Guide Pamphlet

☐ Latex Gloves

☐ Wound SealMedical

☐ Tourniquet

☐ Scissors

☐ Tweezers

☐ Ace Bandage

☐ Tape

☐ Gauze Bandages

☐ Bandages (differing sizes)

☐ Hand Sanitizer

☐ Iodine

☐ Antibiotic Cream

☐ Alcohol Pads

☐ Q-Tips

☐ Advil

WarmthWarmth & Heat:

☐ Poncho

☐ Emergency Sleeping Bag / Shelter

☐ Wool Blanket

☐ Foot Warmers

☐ Hand Warmers

☐ Fire Starters

☐ Matches

☐ Lighter

☐ Long Sleeve Shirt

☐ Long Pants

☐ Socks

☐ Hat

☐ Gloves

☐ Jacket, Shell

☐ Boots



☐ Pen & Paper

☐ Bug Spray



  1. All amazing items and I love how you put them in a checklist. Whether you buy one fully made or diy, you should have one on hand for conditions like your mother faces. Thanks for sharing!


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