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Police Training and Tactics Adjusting to Meet a Canadian Version of the Sovereign Citizen Movement

By Michael Sale

My introduction to the sovereign citizen movement actually took place in Montreal in 2011 when American Military University (AMU) was exhibiting at an emergency management conference hosted, in part, by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. An intelligence officer from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was sharing a training video that was circulating in the United States, featuring Chief Bob Paudert of the West Memphis, Arkansas, Police Department.

Detectives Build Training Program for Police about Sovereign Citizen Movement

By Leischen Stelter

The sovereign citizen movement is a growing problem in the United States with an estimated 300,000 people engaging in anti-government activities. This group of people generally believes they exist outside the jurisdiction of government authorities and are not subject to government regulation. The Southern Poverty Law Center found that there has been a huge increase in sovereign organizations in the U.S., growing from 149 in 2008 to 1,274 in 2011.

Police Don’t Know Enough About Sovereign Citizens. One Former Chief is Doing Something About It

It’s estimated to be a movement 300,000 strong across the nation with anti-government beliefs and tendencies for violence. But, unfortunately, many police officers know little about the sovereign citizen movement and haven’t received sufficient training to identify and protect themselves against this domestic terrorism group.However, it’s an issue that has garnered some attention lately.