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U.S. Strategy Against ISIL in Light of Paris Attacks

The attacks in Paris were unlike other recent homegrown or ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks here in the U.S. and abroad since it appears to have been a well-planned and coordinated complex attack. At this early stage, it appears that this most recent attack in Paris employed a hybrid mix of homegrown terrorists, formerly returned foreign fighters, as well as possible covert infiltration of at least one terrorist as a refugee. What strategy should the U.S. deploy to counter ISIL? AMU professor Jeffrey Gardner writes about how our intelligence agencies and special operations forces need to fight smartly with regional nations.

Making the Shift to Intelligence-Led Corrections

Intelligence-led policing (ILP) has been embraced by the law enforcement community as an effective tool in the fight against terrorism and crime prevention. However, intelligence-led practices remain limited in corrections, despite the fact that there is a wealth of information in correctional facilities. AMU's Dr. Kelli Frakes discusses the need to enhance intelligence-based practices in corrections by training correctional officers and conducting further research about the best methods to collect, analyze, and share information among agencies.

Lone Wolves: Are They Really Alone in the Radicalization Process?

The term “lone wolf” is often used to describe individuals who act alone to commit terrorist acts. Lone wolf attacks are often motivated by political, religious, and/or ideological reasoning. But, are these individuals really acting alone? Close analysis of known lone wolf terrorists has shown that these individuals often have some level of contact with members of a terrorist organization. Read more about inclusive counter-radicalization strategies to prevent individuals from becoming radicalized.