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Kelli Frakes

Making the Shift to Intelligence-Led Corrections

Intelligence-led policing (ILP) has been embraced by the law enforcement community as an effective tool in the fight against terrorism and crime prevention. However, intelligence-led practices remain limited in corrections, despite the fact that there is a wealth of information in correctional facilities. AMU's Dr. Kelli Frakes discusses the need to enhance intelligence-based practices in corrections by training correctional officers and conducting further research about the best methods to collect, analyze, and share information among agencies.

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Terrorist Lone Wolf

Lone Wolves: Are They Really Alone in the Radicalization Process?

The term “lone wolf” is often used to describe individuals who act alone to commit terrorist acts. Lone wolf attacks are often motivated by political, religious, and/or ideological reasoning. But, are these individuals really acting alone? Close analysis of known lone wolf terrorists has shown that these individuals often have some level of contact with members of a terrorist organization. Read more about inclusive counter-radicalization strategies to prevent individuals from becoming radicalized.

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Merritt Kearns

The Evolution of ICS Beyond the Fire Service

The Incident Command System (ICS) is an all-hazards management system suitable for responding to incidents of all sizes and complexities. Learn more about how ICS has been applied beyond the public safety realm and been adopted by public-health agencies, disaster-relief organizations, and environmental-regulatory agencies.

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War’s Changing Role as a Political Instrument in U.S. Foreign Policy

By John Ubaldi, alumnus of American Military University

As the U.S. contemplates a political and military strategy in confronting the threat posed by ISIS, we have another example of war as a first option in U.S. foreign policy. The ability to wage war is an important element of U.S.

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We Must Act Now to Thwart ISIS and Protect the Homeland

We Must Act Now to Thwart ISIS and Protect the Homeland

By Dr. Robert “Smitty” Smith, faculty at American Military University

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a major threat to the U.S. homeland. Our current response is to build a coalition. Vice President Biden stated: “We will follow them to the gates of hell.” Yet, Secretary of State John Kerry, has said that we will put no boots on the ground.

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Career Considerations: Don’t Overlook Federal Law Enforcement

By Dr. Vincent Giordano, program director, criminal justice at American Public University

Today’s criminal justice students should consider careers in federal law enforcement. Since 9/11, federal law enforcement has increased its footprint in the United States and throughout the world and continues to grow. Here is a look at these agencies and their role in law enforcement.

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Mark Riccardi

Research Initiative: How Crowdsourcing Can Benefit Disaster Operations

By Mark Riccardi, Program Director, Homeland Security at American Military University

Crowdsourcing, or using the power of the Internet and social media to “virtually” bring together large groups of people in support of a cause or event, has successfully been used to help emergency responders during disaster management.

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