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Students Should Not be Forced to Report Sexual Assault to Police

By Tim Hardiman

Proposed legislation to force colleges and universities to notify police of sexual assaults may actually deter students from reporting these crimes. While there is general agreement that colleges and universities must improve how they investigate reports of sexual assault, this should not be used as an excuse to limit a victim’s reporting options.

FAA Announces Drone Registration, But Further Regulations Still Needed

By Leischen Stelter
If you unwrap a drone this Christmas, before you take it out for its maiden flight you must first register the aircraft with the government. Starting on December 21, individuals who own a drone—more accurately called an unmanned aircraft system (UAS)—will be required to pay to register the aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). While registering aircraft may be a first step towards regulating these devices, this doesn’t begin to address the issues of where and how drones can be operated, nor who’s going to enforce legal drone operation.