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Intelligence Work Protects Our Borders and the Country

Frank Hooton is a Lieutenant with the JOIC for the Texas Military Department, which is attached to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Ranger Division. He provides intelligence analysis and coordination to the agency. “The most satisfying part of my job is helping make Texas—and the country as a whole—safer by providing good intelligence and enhancing awareness of threats,” he says.

AMU Students Prepare for Cyber Crisis Competition in D.C.

By Leischen Stelter

On March 11-12, four AMU students will get a chance to prove they have the best solution to such a significant cyber crisis during the fourth annual Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge. AMU will compete against student teams from other universities to see who can develop the most comprehensive national security policy recommendations to this simulated cyber crisis.

Kik and the Dangers of Social Media Apps

By Tim Hardiman

In January, 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell was kidnapped and killed, allegedly by an 18-year-old man she met through an anonymous messaging application, Kik Messenger. Police officers must have a broad understanding of the dangers of social media apps, how they're being used by young people, and why they're so attractive to predators.