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Crisis Action Plans for Critical Infrastructure: Learn from Flint, Michigan

By Kevin Kupietz

Modern emergency management services plan for disasters through crisis action plans, but are communities prepared for infrastructure failures, such as dangerous public water supplies? Here's why emergency managers around the country need to study the situation in Flint and build crisis action plans so their community is prepared to face a similar disaster.

Public Health Emergency Officials Are Preparing for Zika Virus

By Anthony Mangeri

Public health agencies are being asked once again to respond to an emerging highly infectious disease, this time Zika virus. Zika is mostly spread through mosquito bites, however, new reports indicate the disease may also be spread through sexual contact and bodily fluids. Learn more about how this virus is spurring a substantial public health response.

A Year in Review: The Greatest Challenges Facing Law Enforcement

To address some of the most important developments in law enforcement, In Public Safety has created an online magazine. The majority of these articles are written by AMU faculty members, who are both academics and practitioners. Their real-world experience, when combined with academic rigor, allows them to provide invaluable insight about what’s happening in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.