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Preparing for the Unthinkable: The Value of Citizen Responders at the Las Vegas Shooting

Citizen responders played a vital, life-saving role at the recent Las Vegas shooting. Learn why emergency preparedness planning must include training citizens for the unthinkable.

Geopolitics in the 21st Century: Why Go to War?

Now that territorial gain is rarely the goal of war, why do states engage in conflict? Learn about strategic alignment and what it looks like in modern warfare.

20 Questions Emergency Managers Should Ask Before Disaster Strikes

Recent disasters have caused widespread devastation and it will not be easy to rebuild what was lost. Emergency managers can begin the road to recovery by asking these questions.

How Strong Leadership Can Create a Healthier Firehouse Culture

By Greg Benson

Awareness about the mental health of firefighters is improving, but an unhealthy and outdated firehouse culture is often unintentionally perpetuated by fire leadership. Here's why leaders must address PTSD and trauma in the workforce.

Understanding and Coping with First Responder Stress: Free Online Resource

By Anthony Mangeri

First responders deal with mentally and emotionally challenging situations on a daily basis. Download this free online magazine to find out how firefighters and EMS personnel can begin to manage stress from their jobs.

What Makes an Effective Law Enforcement Leader?

By Nicole Cain

The success of a police department is highly dependent on strong leaders. So what skills must law enforcement leaders possess in today's political and social climate?

Addressing the Lack of Research on Male Childhood Sexual Abuse

By Dr. Michael Pittaro

The recent suicide of Chester Bennington draws much-needed attention to the widely overlooked issue of childhood sexual abuse among boys. The lack of awareness and resources available to male victims like Bennington must be addressed. Find out more about the issue and what needs to be done.