Stress Management Strategies for Correctional Officers

Learning how to manage stress is critical for corrections officers who work in highly volatile and dangerous environments. High levels of stress can adversely impact an officer’s professional performance and personal life, therefore, it’s important for officers to learn what is causing their stress and healthy strategies to properly manage it.

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Domestic violence

Identifying Signs of Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence (DV), is a pattern of abusive behavior by one partner in a relationship over the other partner. This abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological in nature. The first step to ending IPV is recognizing signs that abuse may be occurring in a relationship.

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Scientist and microscope

Law Enforcement Investigation Tools Expand Beyond DNA to Bacteria

For the past five years, forensic scientists have been taking advantage of their ability to collect Touch DNA, small samples of DNA from evidence that has been handled by suspects. However, new research has found that bacteria may be the next generation of forensic evidence used in police investigations. Learn more about key research studies focused on the benefits and feasibility of using bacterial fingerprints as evidence.

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community policing_Bond

Problem-Oriented Policing and Today’s Struggle for Effective Community-Police Relationships

Problem-oriented policing (POP) is a policing strategy that involves crime analysis and working with the community to develop effective response strategies to reduce crime. Many law enforcement agencies have adopted the POP concept as a way to reduce crime as well as build and strengthen community relations, but is it effective?

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Shana Nicholson headshot_v3

Involving Families Is a Valuable Recruiting Tool for Fire Departments

Fire departments across the country are struggling to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters. Small departments in rural areas are especially dependent on volunteer firefighters to serve and protect their communities. Learn how one department in West Virginia has turned to a family-oriented approach in order to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters.

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Police weight issues

Tackling the Obesity Epidemic in Law Enforcement

In December, the Wall Street Journal released a report that more than 40 percent of police officers, firefighters, and security officers are obese. Similarly, the FBI conducted a study that found eight-out-of-10 (80 percent) police officers are overweight. Missing from both of these reports are reasons why officers are overweight and obese. Here are some of the unique factors that contribute to weight issues for those in public safety.

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Crime Mapping Technology and its Impact on Law Enforcement Intelligence

Crime Mapping Technology and its Impact on Law Enforcement Intelligence

One of the most important technological advancements to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement is the use of crime mapping software, which allows agencies to track crimes occurring in a jurisdiction. By plotting what, when, and where crimes are occurring, law enforcement executives can use the resulting visual data to identify crime hotspots and use this information to allocate resources to areas of repeated criminal activity.

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