Looking to Change Careers?

Changing careers is not an easy process for anyone. However, it’s something that many professionals—especially those in the military and public safety sectors—will go through at some point in their working life. Read first-hand accounts from public safety professionals about their experience making major career changes and their advice to others who want to transition to a new career. 

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When Officers Become the Target: How to Protect Yourself from Doxing

When Officers Become the Target: How to Protect Yourself from Doxing

Police officers around the country are being subjected to doxing, which is when an individual's personal information is posted online, typically with malicious intent. Once an individual has been exposed through doxing, they may be targeted for online harassment.

“Any officer could end up in situation where you do everything right in accordance with agency policy, but the incident is captured on video and it looks wrong to the public. It happens all the time and as soon as your name is released to the public, you become a target,” said American Military University's James Deater. “You may not be able to stop it, but you can at least make it difficult for people to find your private information.”

Learn more about how to secure your personal information.

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Michael Beshears

Teamwork and the Different Roles in Investigating Child Abuse

Investigating alleged child abuse requires strong teamwork among police, social service personnel, medical personnel, and teachers. While all these professionals have an important role in identifying abuse, the most effective teamwork involves coordination that allows each professional to act within his or her area of expertise.

AMU professor Michael Beshears writes about why it's important for teachers and medical professionals to leave the investigation and questioning of children suspected to be the victims of abuse to professionals trained in proper interviewing techniques of children.

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teamwork chart

Know How to Avoid Teamwork Pitfalls

Teamwork, especially among law enforcement officers, is a crucial aspect of the job. However, the effectiveness of teams is largely dependent on leadership’s commitment to teamwork and the willingness of individuals to be strong team members. AMU criminal justice professor Michelle Beshears writes about the five distinct dysfunctions that police leaders need to be aware of that could threaten effective teams within their agencies.

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Wedding Ring_Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Hack Will End Careers

In July 2015, hackers accessed account information of millions of users of the Ashley Madison, Cougar Life, and Established Men websites. These websites facilitate extramarital affairs as well as romantic and sexual encounters. While this stolen information could result in identity theft and fraud, it may have longer-lasting effects for the criminal justice community. AMU's Dr. Chuck Russo writes about how this hack could impact current and future law enforcement professionals.

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Gun Violence

News Anchors Murdered on Live TV: Is This Violence the New Normal?

This week, two innocent victims were shot dead while performing a seemingly non-dangerous profession. A third victim was also injured. This time the victims were news reporters; reporting from a small city in the middle of Virginia. Has this senseless violence become the new reality in America?

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Police_Pointing Gun

Protect Your Agency with Use-of-Force Internal Investigations, Forms

Police leaders around the country want to make sure their department is not the next Ferguson. To avoid such a public firestorm, police chiefs need to improve their use-of-force policies and procedures. Even more importantly, chiefs need to institute use-of-force internal investigations, which include gathering evidence so that if a case goes to court, agencies are well prepared. Hear from an attorney, who has spent his career defending police agencies, share details about what he needs from agencies and officers after an incident.

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